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Eye Tests

Why have an eye examination?

Book your free NHS eye examination at Framed Indulgence independent opticians, Burnside, Rutherglen, Glasgow. Your first choice for quality eyewear at outstanding prices.

Although your eyesight may appear to be unchanged, I am sure you appreciate the health benefits of having a full and comprehensive eye examination. As well as routinely checking for eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration, optometrists are sometimes the first to spot signs of high blood pressure or diabetes.

We all rely on our eyes and our eyesight in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Much of what we do depends on having clear vision. Yet some people don’t have their eyes examined at regular intervals. Part of the reason is that eyes don’t let you know if something is wrong Often deterioration is gradual, so you might not notice that you are not seeing as well as you could. Regular eye examinations are important because the sooner a vision problem is detected, the greater the chance of successful treatment. More than just identifying whether your eyesight needs correcting, the eye examination can reveal a number of underlying health problems. An eye examination is a vital health check that should be part of everyone’s normal health regime unless otherwise advised; you should have an eye examination every two years. It may be necessary to have them more frequently, depending on your age and medical history.

At Framed Indulgence opticians you will experience a very comprehensive eye examination, by our experienced optometrist using the very latest technology.

NHS Sight Test

NHS optical vouchers may be used towards the cost of your spectacles.  At Framed Indulgence many of our frames are completely free (including lenses) if you are entitled to NHS glasses support. You can choose from 100's of free frames, which include single vision, bifocal, or varifocal lenses. You can also put your NHS entitlement towards any pair of designer glasses.

Accor Sight Test / Eye Examinations

Accor eye exam voucher holders will be issued with an Accor voucher from their employer.

Free Accor & NHS eye examinations and NHS vouchers are only available to certain individuals.